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Define yourself in a word or two. Do you look toward your career when describing yourself, or toward an escape from work? It doesn’t matter if one plays piano to sold out concert halls or to a living room of friends and family; your passion is at the heart of your identity.

We want people to understand that essential tremor (ET) does not have to be the central part of who you are. We invite you to look beyond ET and focus on what brings you joy. Submit a photo, video or written account of what is essential to you.


  • a baker
  • an electronics technician
  • a swimmer


Haya Mendlebaum always loved baking, and decided to turn her passion into a career by opening her own bakery. When she developed ET, Haya struggled to hold a knife, making her dependent on her staff for tasks that are key to her business and bring joy to her life. Watch Haya’s video to learn how she Got a Grip on ET, and was able to get her hands back into what she loves.


Electronics Technician Gregg Ley lived with essential tremor for 20 years until his condition progressed to the point where he struggled to use a screwdriver. “I don’t shake anymore, and I can actually work again; it makes me very, very happy,” Gregg shared after finding a treatment option that allowed him to Get a Grip on ET. Watch Gregg’s video to learn how he got back to doing what he loves.


Karl Wiedemann found a new passion to pursue when he retired from his career as an engineer: competitive swimming. Though essential tremor made it increasingly difficult for Karl to complete daily tasks such as signing checks, his condition never kept him out of the water. Learn how Karl Got a Grip on ET.

March is Essential Tremor Awareness Month,

and we want to know what makes you you. Below you can hear from others living with this condition and learn what they love to do. What’s your passion?


A Frost & Sullivan study, commissioned by INSIGHTEC, found that 3% of the US population lives with essential tremor. ET is the most common movement disorder, but the individuals that this condition affects have unique careers, passions and stories. While essential tremor is an obstacle to pursuing one’s passion, many patients are not letting their tremor define their identity, and are continuing to pursue what brings them joy. Download the infographic to learn more about ET beyond the numbers.

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Not all tremors are the same. According to Harvard Health, there are several conditions that can cause shaking hands. The first step is a diagnosis, however, individuals who have a tremor may not seek medical consultation, fearing they may have Parkinson’s disease. Did you know that essential tremor is actually eight times more common than Parkinson’s? While only a qualified physician can provide a diagnosis, there are several key symptoms that differentiate essential tremor from other conditions.

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